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28 juin 2012

Choosing French Shirts Oberni Online, The Better Option

Choosing French Shirts Oberni Online, The Better Option

Choosing French Shirts Oberni Online, The Better Option

For a prolonged period of time prêt-à-porter fashion, more commonly known as ready-to-wear has dominated sales. We here at would like to make the argument for bespoke shirts online.
For a little more info on the difference between bespoke and made to measure shirts please read our previous post here. The standardized sizes of ready-to-wear clothing promise to fit everyone. With such
claims who could resist?

The problem is that with the myriad of body shapes and sizes it is impossible for ready-to-wear clothing to fit everyone perfectly. Instead the goal (for the manufacturers of ready-to-wear clothing) is to
create an average to okay fit for the most number of people – and who wants their clothing to be just average or merely okay?

As more and more people realize the accessibility of bespoke and made-to-order shirts and other clothing, prêt-à-porter simply cannot hold up. Even though the sizes are meant to be standard, different
companies have varying notions of what a small or medium should be. This forces their customers to memorize long lists of how their favorite brands fit. It is quite common to overhear shoppers reminding
their friends and themselves details such as “remember their shirts run small” or “I always have to size down for this brand.”

It is hard for many to disassociate the word “bespoke” with heavy price tags. Before manufactured clothing became easily accessible, most clothing was by default “bespoke,” simply meaning made to
order. This did not guarantee a high standard of quality. As ready-to-wear became a popular go to, those who decided to continue having their clothing custom made generally knew more about fashion,
were willing to hire better tailors, and spend more money on fabrics thus bespoke became high end.

The Internet has brought a plethora of advancements in many fields, and fashion is certainly one of them. Having a basic understanding of fashion terminology no longer requires formal schooling simply an
online search. You are sure to find forums or articles explaining information and providing connections that were simply not available to the masses before. Affordable bespoke tailors fall under these
valuable connections. Traditionally bespoke shirts and suits require taking measurements and fittings, but these steps can now be done online without sacrificing the quality of the product.

When dishing out money on clothing it is important to be a smart and astute shopper. Why pay top dollar for an off the rack shirt? We recommend opting for a great bespoke shirt guaranteed to fit you
perfectly and not “simply okay.” Whether you are headed for Saint Tropez or walking down Madison Avenue you will still impeccable. Whether you decide dress it up or down you will never have to worry
about not looking your best.

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